"Not Quite Right" Busan Edition

Busan was a gold mine of "Not Quite Right" examples!  You gotta love this stuff :)

On the side of a building.  Creative and very appropriate for Korean drivers.

One of these pictures does not seem to belong on this sign...

"I am" cannot be contracted to "I'm" in this sentence... unless there is a word missing after it.

Not sure about this... "beflagged" is not a word in the dictionary.

This is either a chicken restaurant or a clothing store for Barbie's boyfriend :)

I'm not sure that Mr. Pizza is actually a pizza restaurant...


"Delicious foods of attractive a view"  hmmm..... ?

"Bring back, happy and romance with you"  Okaayy... guess a few beers could help with that.

"Sometimes... Memory origin space Maybe, it's.. Park"  - WTF?

Interesting name...  at least it's not Guess WHAT :)

So does this place serve food like the stuff we used to get from the school cafeteria?

Burger and Pasta - a natural combination!

"Lounge Club WOMB"  ummm... perhaps it's a club for women?

Terrible name for a coffee shop... just terrible.

Older Koreans' sense of fashion is "not quite right" - this couple is a classic example :)

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~Demetri Martin

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