Yongsan Electronics Market

This past Sunday, Johnnie and I took the train up to the Yongsan Station.  Here there is a lot of shopping, including the I'Park Mall and Electronics Market.  The trip took less than an hour and the shopping is amazing.  It makes me realize that there are many great parts of Seoul that I don't know about yet and that I'm running out of time to find.  It's hard to believe that our year here is already half over!

We ate lunch at the newly opened T.G.I. Friday's :)

There was floor upon floor of shopping for practically any electronic gadget you could want.

Coming down the escalator to find paradise... an entire floor of cameras and lenses!

I had my DSLR with me so I stopped at different vendors and tried out some wide angle lenses...

...and I tried out some zoom lenses.  It was sooo much fun!

I shopped around for a while, getting prices on various lenses before I found a vendor who had something I wanted at a price I couldn't pass up.

Say hello to my 17-40mm f/4 USM L lens :)  I am beyond excited to own an ultra-wide angle lens!

Outside of the station, there was a really good Mexican band playing!  They were from Mexico City and were touring South Korea.  We stood and listened to them play a few songs and actually bought one of their CD's because we liked them so much.  The Koreans in the crowd didn't seem to know what to think of this type of music which is so incredibly different than anything you'd normally hear in this country.

This guy was constantly switching instruments!

I loved their boot and matching belts :)

We always find something interesting and "not quite right" when we're out and about.  Today we found a Butt Lightning Letter Opener and Paper Weight!  That's right, it's a little guy resting on his belly and getting struck by lightning in his butt.   Ahhh... Korea :)

"Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on..."
~The Beatles

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