Night on the Town

Although we live in a small town, there is always a good time to be had if you're with the right people :)

This particular evening began when I met a friend at a little spa to get pedicures.  I didn't catch the meaning of the name of the place until my friend pointed it out: "4ne1" = for any one.  How clever ;)  The pedicures were amazing.  We sat in large, plush, massaging chairs while our toes and feet got scrubbed, rubbed, trimmed, and painted.  The spa also offers a variety of other services including manicures, massages, facials, and waxing.  Something on their waxing menu wasn't quite right...  :)

4ne1 is upstairs above the Heavenly Bread bakery and cafe so the whole place smells delicious all the time!  The best part is that you can order food and drinks (even wine) to enjoy while you're getting pampered.  Pedis and wine... now that is heavenly :)

After the pedicures we did a little purse shopping and then met a group of gals for dinner at a thai restaurant.  The food is amazing (I rolled with the grilled marinated pork) and I love how this place always shapes their rice into a heart!

After dinner, we hit up a local club for a kettle (or two).  When you order a kettle at this club, you are given a metal tea kettle, shot glasses, and 3 bottles of liquid:  Soju (a strong clear grain alcohol), Baccus-D (a redbull-type energy drink), and a bottle of lemon-lime soda.  You pour the liquids into the kettle, mix, and pour.  The mixture glows bright yellow under black lights and tastes like candy.  Yummy but potent stuff ;)


There were a few juicy girls in the club wearing insane heels!

A group of our guys joined us girls later that evening.  A few games of darts were played before we hit up another club with pool tables.  There are cheap cabs all over this town so everyone had a blast and got home safely.  It was a fun and memorable night out!

"Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don't drink
too much.  Then again, don't drink too little."
~Herman Smith-Johannsen

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