What Dulce Wants

We've created a monster... but at least it's a cute one :)  We taught Dulce some new tricks since we moved to Korea that have led to a new behavior.  First of all, we taught Dulce to pick things up off the floor and give them to us.  This is so incredibly helpful because we don't have to bend down to pick things up anymore!  Next, we taught Dulce to fetch our slippers.  This is yet another very helpful (and awesome) trick.  Finally, we taught her to fetch the TV remote control for us.  Again, a helpful and pretty darn cool thing to do :)

Then things started to change...  It began with her bringing us our slippers without us asking for them.  Not a big deal, right?  Then she started bringing us all of the slippers in the house (we have three pairs).  If we don't put them on our feet when she brings them, she grabs them and gives them to us again.  Who can wear three pairs of slippers at once?  The slipper thing is funny and still makes us laugh.  Especially when she starts growling at the closet because she knows the slippers are in there and she can't get them to bring to us :)

Okay, on to her new behavior.  When I'm working at the computer, Dulce brings me all the slippers on a daily basis.  The other day, she brought me two slippers and then left the room so I grabbed the camera to snap a picture of the next slipper coming.  (Note: no flash and quickly moving dog = fuzzy photos)

And here is the slipper I was expecting... 

She gave me the slipper, looked at me for a moment and left the room again....

This time she came back with the TV remote control!  I can't see the TV from here but thank you!

She looked at me for a few seconds and left the room again...

This time she brought me the air conditioner remote control!  A little slobbery but a nice gesture :)

She looked at me for a little while and left the room AGAIN...

This time she brought me the guitar tuner!  In the mood for music?  Not quite...

Laughing out loud at this point, I followed her out to the kitchen.  She was super excited that she finally got my attention and led me straight to her food/treat cabinet.  She didn't want any food, she wanted a new rawhide bone to chew on!  What a dog - bribing me with things to get what she wanted!

You may be thinking, this really isn't a bad thing... it's kind of funny and cute, right?  Uhh, yeah... until she started doing this EVERY day.  She brings us everything that she can reach such as shoes, pens, papers, books, remote controls, cell phones, etc.  She doesn't bring us her toys, she only brings us our things.  I feel like we have to baby-proof the house now!  Thank goodness she can't open doors... yet :)

"Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend."
~Corey Ford

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