Happy Birthday, Dulce!

It's Dulce's 2nd birthday!!  Happy Birthday!  ¡Feliz Cumpleanos!  생일축하합니다!

It's hard to believe that our little Rat Terrier is already 2 years old!  We adopted her when she was four months old from the Rat Terrier rescue organization, Ratbone Rescues.

The pictures from her information page on the adoption website in 2009.

"Gottcha day!" 

I don't think Dulce could've possibly imagined the life that was in store for her when we picked her up from her foster parents' home.  She has lived with us in Georgia, drove to Pennsylvania and back, visited many different states, went to the beach, hiked the Appalachian trail, drove across the country to Seattle, visited Canada, and is now with us in South Korea.  What a busy and adventurous life she's had already!

In 2 years she's mastered a lot of tricks and skills:
sit, lay down, stay, shake, gimme five, roll over, play dead, leave it, up (get up on something), down (get down from something), balance treats on her nose and tops of paws, go to bed, walk without a leash, heel, halt (stop walking and sit), fetch slippers, get it (pick things up for us), bring it (bring things to us), take this to mommy/daddy, ring a bell to go potty outside, put away toys into her basket, and close cabinet doors and drawers.

Dulce is currently 18 lbs, she is 15.5 inches tall (to the top of her back), and 15 inches from tailbone to collarbone.  She is strong, healthy, and a joy to have in our life :)

Too...  much...  icing! 

I found a traditional Korean hanbok dog dress for Dulce!  I don't usually put clothes on her but she has to celebrate her birthday in Korea in Korean style :)


"It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years."
~Abraham Lincoln 


  1. Happy Birthday Dulce! You are looking good in your Korean birthday outfit and your cake looks yummy.

    I feel like we are almost related because I married your foster mama & daddy. If you are ever in Tampa area I hope you come play!

  2. Thank you!! I had a great birthday! xoxo, Dulce

  3. Happy Second Birthday, Dulce! I love following your adventures on this blog. You are an amazing dog who found herself an amazing family!

    Carol, Nina, and Elsie
    WA State

  4. Thank you Carol, Nina, and Elsie!! My family is pretty cool ;) xoxo, Dulce