Family Friday: 25 Weeks

Warning: Family Friday posts are an open and honest update of our pregnancy.  There will be references to lady parts, internal organs, and bodily functions.  There will also be photos of baby bumps and ultrasounds.  If any of this bothers you, please stop reading now.

25 Weeks

 -  is about 13.5 inches from head to heel
 -  has the sensation of touch now that her hands and nerve endings are completely developed
 -  is practicing breathing through her nose
 -  has wrinkled skin that will fill out as body fat develops
 -  is developing hair color

WEIGHT:  +13 pounds total.  I often wonder if I'll continue this pound a week gain until the end...

BODY:  Despite gaining a pound, my body measurements haven't changed this week.  My waist is still at +4 inches, my lower belly is still at +4 inches, and my hips are still at +1.5 inches.  My belly button is still an "innie" but it is starting to change.  I have a feeling that it will flip to an "outie" by the end of the pregnancy.

THE GOOD:  1) Movement.  I'm getting used to feeling Baby G move around every day.  2) Little Girl Excitement.  I've been working on my baby registries this week and really love all of the cute things available for little girls!  I am getting more excited every day about having a daughter :)

THE BAD:  1) Heartburn.  It comes on more frequently now but it's still fairly mild.  A couple of Tums usually calms it down.  2) Headaches... as usual.  3) Fatigue.  My energy is still good but I'm starting to have more days where I need a nap to recharge!  

FOOD:  I've been craving sweeter things in general this week.

EXERCISE:  Renee and I went on a 3 mile hike to Maunawili Falls while she was here visiting.  The hike was a great workout but the falls were overcrowded with people.  I also went to Power Pump class once this week and did some walking and biking around base.  Now that I have a growing baby bump, I bought a couple of super cute (and amazingly comfortable) workout tank tops from For Two Fitness to wear to the gym.  I got the "toning for two" and "sweating for two" tank tops... aren't they fun?!

OTHER NOTES:  Renee and I had a great time while she was here visiting... as we always do :)  We saw most of the island and did some fun things such as kayaking, hiking, touring memorials, relaxing on some beaches, attending a luau, and watching the sunset over the ocean.  I'm already looking forward to our next adventure together.  It takes a long time to grow an old friend.  I hope our daughter is lucky enough to find the kind of life-long friendship someday like the one that I have with Renee :)

"A baby is born with a need to be loved, and never outgrows it."
-Frank A. Clark

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  1. I enjoyed so much reading week by week on your pregnacy progress. Renee's visit to you was truly a blessing;sharing wonderful moments like those. It makes me smile to see you wear these tank tops for work "for two"
    God bless you and can't wait for the next one.
    Sweet regards to you and your husband Johnnie.
    We love baby G.