Cameron's Baptism

On October 21, the Sunday before Johnnie left, we had Cameron baptized at our church.  The sacrament of baptism is usually done for infants and young children in the Catholic church, as opposed to other religions who often wait until the child is older.  Cameron was six weeks old.

Cameron's Nana (my mother) made her baptismal gown out of some white-on-white Hawaiian print fabric that I bought here in Hawaii.  It was perfect and she looked beautiful in it :)

There were seven babies, including Cameron, being baptized on this day.  At the end of the regular mass, the priest introduced each of the children to the congregation.  After the mass, family and friends of the children stayed for the official baptism ceremony.  Along with us were Johnnie's parents and sister, and my dear friend Meghan who took all of these photographs for us.  Johnnie's parents stood in as proxies for Cameron's godparents so that they didn't need to make the long trip.  Her godparents and my family were all there in our thoughts and prayers :)

Cameron was so good the entire time!  She cried for only a few seconds at the beginning of mass and then she slept for the rest of the mass and for the entire baptism.

Johnnie's parents brought Cameron a lovely, specially-made baptismal candle to use in the ceremony.

Congratulations, Cameron Cecelia!  May God be with you and bless you every day of your life.

“Baptism is faith in action.”
~Watchman Nee


  1. What an adorable family! Cameron is so cute :)
    Hope your having lots of fun.