Family Friday: Nov 16

10 Weeks Old

We are finally transitioning to larger clothing and diapers!  The newborn-size diapers are getting snug but the size 1 diapers are still a bit too big.  However, we've had a few major blowouts with the newborn-size lately so on to size 1 it is.  I've packed the rest of the newborn diapers away for our next baby.

We definitely needed a bath after some of the diaper blow-outs!

Cameron is still wearing her newborn-sized onesies but is suddenly now fitting into some of the 0-3 month things we have.  Another week and I'm sure the newborn clothing will have to get packed away as well.  Cam pretty much only wore onesies for the past two months so I'm excited for the variety of things she has to wear in the 0-3 month clothing!

She wore a little jean skirt to a squadron Thanksgiving potluck lunch this week.  I've been waiting for her to fit into it!

I don't think there is anything more cuddly than a baby in footed pajamas :)

Cameron is getting very good at bringing her hand to her mouth.  She loves to suck (very loudly) on the side of her index finger.  She will still suck a pacifier but at times prefers her finger instead.  I'm so proud of her growing ability to self-soothe!

Cameron gets a little fussy in the evenings and eats her last few meals very close together.  Regardless of that, she is actually easy to put to bed at night.  When her belly gets full enough, I change her and put on her pajamas, partially swaddle her with one arm free (so she can suck her finger), put her in her bassinet, turn her Sleep Sheep sound machine on, and she puts herself to sleep.  I feel very fortunate that she makes bedtime easy!

Cameron's hair may have gotten a lot thinner but her eyelashes are definitely growing!

Cameron's eye color is finally changing!  Her eyes will definitely be some shade of hazel or light brown, just like daddy :)  They will be beautiful, whatever color they end up being!

Dulce had a fascination with Cameron's socks the other day, poking them with her nose and sniffing them which made Cam kick her feet.  I turned my back for a minute and this is what I found:

Dulce the sock stealer!  She must have taken it off gently because Cam didn't make a sound and she didn't seem to mind missing the sock :)

Johnnie's parents left this week.  They had been visiting since before Johnnie deployed.  It was certainly nice having the extra help while they were here, allowing me to get caught up with some things on my to-do list.  I'm glad they had the opportunity to see Cameron while she is this young and small.  However, it is also nice being able to settle into our own schedule and groove now that we have the house back to ourselves.  It's relaxing not having to worry about making too much noise at night and being able to nurse Cameron on the couch while catching up on my favorite TV shows :)

The night before the in-laws left, we all went to the Aulani Disney Hawaii Resort for an evening of food and drinks while watching the sun drop into the ocean.  It was a beautiful evening with a warm breeze that reminded me how lucky we are to be stationed here.

"When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they're seeing angels."
~ Eileen Elias Freeman

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  1. Listen, AJ, I am not the universal Mother who loves all babies. But I gotta tell you, this one is just BEAUTIFUL!! Of course, she would be. But, still.. All these pics made me smile. Thank you so much for sharing.... I'm loving it!