Family Friday: 2 Months Old

9 Weeks Old

Cameron had her 2 month wellness check-up today.  She now weighs 9lbs 2oz (a 3lb 5oz increase since birth) and is now 21 inches long (a 3 inch increase since birth).  She got four vaccinations today!  One was a liquid done orally, the other three were shots in her thighs.  The doctor had me hold her arms but she stiffened them so tightly against her body that they weren't going anywhere regardless.  Her whole face turned purple in one of those "silent screams" and then she wailed for about two minutes before falling asleep!

It's hard to believe that Cameron is already 2 months old!  She has changed so much already although I know it's nothing compared to the changes that are still yet to come this year.

Cameron is very aware of everything her now and turns her head to look around, especially towards sounds and moving objects.  She maintains eye contact with me now during feedings, changings, and baths.  She is gaining good control of her neck, holding it steady when we hold her upright and lifting her head high if she's on her tummy.  She has also increased her "vocabulary" from cries and squawks to include sweet coos and gurgles.

Her schedule (on most days) is really good and allows me to get a lot more accomplished.  After every feeding during the day, she has active awake time for about 45 minutes.  During this time she lays on a quilt on the floor and has a great time kicking her legs, stretching her arms, and looking around.

The Boppy Tummy Time Pillow really helps her lay comfortably on her belly.  Just look at that height... and that drool!  Dulce is doing her usual sniff check of her baby sister :)

After her active awake time, Cameron is always ready for a nap and usually falls asleep without a fuss.  She naps either in her crib upstairs or in her swing downstairs.

Cameron almost always goes 4 hours between feedings during the day.  In the evenings, she eats her last two meals only 2 hours apart, fueling up for the night.  At night she does a 6-hour stretch, a feeding, and then a 4-hour stretch.  She currently sleeps in a Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper bassinet on our bed.  I'll keep her there for another month or two, or until she starts sleeping through the night.  It's so convenient not having to get out of bed for that nightly feeding, or to reach a hand in to comfort her if needed.  However, if Johnnie wasn't deployed, I would transition her much sooner so that we could have our bed to ourselves again :)

“I don't remember who said this, but there really are places in
the heart you don't even know exist until you love a child.” 
~Anne Lamott

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