Family Friday: Eight Months Old

35 Weeks (8 Months) old

We are still in Pennsylvania... thus the camouflage fabric in this week's photo.  Western PA to me is small towns, big yards, country music, hunting, pick-up trucks, and light beer :)  It took Cameron exactly one week to adjust to the six hour time change.  I'm glad we have this second week to enjoy her normal schedule before we have to make her adjust all over again.

At 8 months old Cameron is about 17.5 pounds, wearing size 2 diapers, and wearing size 6 to 9 month clothing.  She is a very happy baby, is super active, and loves to explore.  The only time she sits still is when she is strapped in her carseat or stroller.  She is quick to move around with her "army crawl" but still doesn't crawl on her hands and knees.  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth but flops onto her belly to move forward.

Cameron is starting to climb!  She balances with both arms up on low things like a wipes container and the lowest rung on barstools and chairs. When we sit on the floor with her she will climb on our legs and can even pull herself up to standing.  She has great balance and strength so I anticipate that she'll be walking before her first birthday.

Cameron is still on a great schedule that we have had established for a few months now:
7:30am - wake
8:00am - bottle
9:30am - nap (2+ hours)
12noon - wake, bottle
3:00pm - nap (1 hour)
4:00pm - wake, solid food, bottle
6:00pm - nap (30 min)
7:00pm - bottle
7:30pm - bedtime

Cameron is no longer swaddled for night or for naps.  She moves around a ton while she sleeps and usually sleeps on her side or belly.  She loves her pacifier and needs it to fall asleep.  Throughout the night she finds it and puts it back in her mouth.  Sucking a pacifier while sleeping greatly reduces a baby's risk of SIDS so I am gladly supporting Cameron's paci habit for the time being :)

Last weekend we had a cookout at the house and Cameron got to meet all of her aunts, uncles, and first cousins.  She also met many of her great aunts, great uncles, and first-cousins-once-removed.  She was not put down all day!  She was happily passed from person to person and had a great time getting to know everyone.

 Cousin Faith (age 7) did a great job feeding Cameron a bottle!

Cameron met her great-grandmother and namesake: Margaret Cecelia and Cameron Cecelia

Johnnie and I spent a couple nights in Pittsburgh this week and left Cameron with my parents who were more than happy to watch her.  We stayed at a hotel, went to the Pirates vs Mariners baseball game, had some nice meals out, Johnnie saw a movie, and I went shopping.  I'll do a separate post about our nights in the Burgh... it was a nice little getaway :)

"Having a place to go - is a home.
Having someone to love - is a family.
Having both - is a blessing."
~Donna Hedges

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