Family Friday - May 3

34 Weeks Old

The long trip to PA was smooth and easy but now we are all jet lagged because of the 6 hour time change.  Normally it would only take a couple days to overcome but having a baby is making it more difficult.  I wake Cameron up at 8am and follow her normal schedule all day.  She does perfectly with eating and naps, no problems at all.  Night time is a different story.  We put her to bed and she falls right asleep... but then she wakes up around 11pm as if she was just napping.  She stays awake until about 1am (which is 7pm bedtime in Hawaii) and then goes back to sleep and sleeps until morning.  Things are normal other than those two hours at night, so I'd say we're doing pretty good.  We've read that it can take 3 to 14 days for babies to adjust... hopefully it will be sooner than later!

Cameron has met a few of her relatives so far and she loves everyone :)  We are having a big cook-out on Saturday where she will meet many, many more.  We even have relatives driving in from out of state to meet her and to see us.  These are 3 out of 5 first cousins that Cameron currently has:

We are having surprisingly great weather here in PA so Cameron spends some time outside each day with her Nana enjoying the fresh air.  The grass here is a treat because it's thick and soft.  In Hawaii, our grass is actually too rough and jagged for us to enjoy.  My family lives in a quiet, rural area so there is a lot of country life for Cameron to experience here.

Post-partum hair loss left me with stupid new baby bangs and crazy thin hair.  My long hair accentuated both of those so I desperately needed a new style.  Luckily my sister-in-law is a hairdresser so I was thrilled to have her work some magic as soon as we got to PA.  We went short with layers around the bottom and on the sides.  We also moved my part to the opposite side to better hide the baby bangs which grow more in that direction.  She cut a lot of hair off but I really love having short hair again (it's been a while!) and I'm thrilled that the cut makes my crazy hair look normal!

"Jet lag is your soul trying to catch up after flying."
~Ryan Ross


  1. so happy for Cameron that she has cousins. I have 38 first cousins and love everyone of them!

    the new hair looks awesome!

    1. Thanks! I also have over 30 first cousins - crazy how much bigger families used to be right? Cameron will likely end up with 10 or less but she will be lucky to have every one of them in her life :)