Family Friday: May 24

37 Weeks Old

Happy Memorial Day!  Remembering those who have died in service to our country this weekend.

What a character we now have!  Cameron seems to suddenly be progressing by leaps and bounds lately.  Her blossoming personality, antics, and abilities have us laughing and/or amazed every day.

First of all, she seems to understand now that talking is used for communicating and she's doing more of it with different sounds.  She used to let out long one or two syllable sounds but now she rambles off entire sentences with great inflection and each syllable a different sound.  Her sentences and syllables get especially complex and fierce when she is upset.

One sound that she says often in her ramblings is "da".  I don't think she connects "da da" specifically with Johnnie yet because a lot of things are "da da" right now.  Sometimes Cameron actually says real words - but are they really real words or just coincidental baby babble?  She has said "hi", "hey", and "help" multiple times but the kicker was a few days ago while she was reaching for my phone and said "need that" plain as day - I kid you not!  I know it was most likely pure coincidence, but it was amazing regardless.  So now I'm wondering... with all the sounds that babies make (and some sounding like real words), how do you know what a baby's real first word is?

A huge accomplishment this week is that Cameron is now pulling herself up to standing!  She started off balancing on low things... such as my yoga block:

And then she moved to higher things.... such as her toy basket:

And then one day we suddenly found her standing upright holding onto her play yard fence!

Cameron pulls herself up to standing on whatever she can now and she is quickly becoming more stable and confident.  She's starting to often let go with one hand, take steps while holding on, and can even bend down to pick something up and then return to standing.  This girl will be walking before we know it!

We are starting to branch out and try new foods now.  This week Cameron had a cherry/blueberry blend which was super messy but she seemed to enjoy.  Her favorite meal this week was definitely turkey (cooked then blended) mixed with yams and goat cheese - she loved it!  I craved goat cheese while I was pregnant so it was fun to see her enjoy it so much :)

Yesterday we spent the day at Bellows Beach for a squadron function.  This was Cameron's first trip to a beach other than the Hickam dog beach.  Bellows is so gorgeous and deserves a post of its own with all the photos I have to share.  Here's a sneak peak to hold you over until I get it done :)

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died.
Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
~General George S. Patton, Jr.


  1. You should check out Lanikai Beach. Its beautiful! The sand is sooo soft. Great job Cameron pulling yourself up like a big girl!!! :) <3

  2. The picture of Cam on the beach is so adorable. and can wait for the other ones to post. So proud of Cam for standing and talking. She is amazing! I thought my son's first word was mommy, but coming to think of it, I think it was "money" :)