Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon

I am a runner and I'm proud to announce that I just ran my 4th half marathon!  I wrote about how I became a runner in a July post.  Running is something that I now enjoy and will continue doing as long as I am able.

My friend, Laura, and I ran many races together last year, including a half marathon in Virginia Beach.  After that race we decided to get together every year and run a half marathon in a different state.  Since then, the Air Force has taken us in different directions.  This yearly race is really a promise to keep in shape, keep running, and keep in touch with each other no matter where we are in the world.

This year we met in Dallas, Texas for the Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon on September 25.  We each talked another friend into joining us which made the weekend and the race even better!   We hung out in Dallas on Friday and Saturday before running the race on Sunday.  I loved seeing my friends again in person!  (Facebook is nice but just not the same.)  We are certainly blessed that we could all get away for a few days to talk, laugh, and run together.  It was amazing!

Johnnie flew from Korea and met us in Dallas.  He was kind enough to wake up early and be our photographer at the start and finish of the race.  I loved that he was there to cheer us on!

The race course was an out-and-back path that finished in the same spot that it started from.  The course was flat and a good part of it was on a beautiful paved recreational trail through the woods.  There were only 457 people who ran the half marathon so it wasn't overly crowded.  There were some "cheerleaders" along the race course encouraging the runners and there were drink stations every few miles.  There was free food and drinks at the end of the race.  Overall, it was a very nice race that I would recommend running.

Early morning and pumped up for the race!  And yes, we coordinated our outfits :)

Ready to run :)

Checking the iPods...

Our PaceTats!  These temporary tattoos list what your time should be at each mile.  They are great for keeping pace during the race and keeping track of how you're doing!  We chose to aim for 2:45:00 for this race which is what Laura and I ran last year.  These PaceTats are available at www.pacetat.com

Our race numbers had our first names on them!

We picked our spot in line and waited for the race to begin.

And waited and waited...

And we're off!  ...as soon as the people in front of us start running, that is :)

There was one spot along the race course (other than the finish line) with professional sports photographers taking pictures of the runners.  We were well over half way at this point and still running strong.  And still smiling!

Renee and I crossed the finish line together at 2:36:18.  Our other friends weren't too far behind!

Our "Finishers" photo!

Back at the hotel, ready to relax and refuel.

The finisher medal for the race.

"If you want to win something, run 100 meters.
If you want to experience something, run a (half) marathon."
~Emil Zatopek

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