Buraksan Revisited

While Johnnie was in the States, Dulce was in a kennel.  There are boarding kennels on our military base that are actually pretty nice and we know the people who work there so we knew she was in good hands.  Still, she was beyond excited to see us when we picked her up!  She sheds a lot but besides that, she's such an amazing dog and we both missed her a ton while we were gone.

After our long flight and Dulce's kennel stay, we all were in need of some exercise.  We took a few free hours and went hiking in nearby Buraksan Park that we had first visited in April.  This time we continued on the trail miles further than we've gone before.  The random exercise equipment disappeared, other hikers became far and few between, and the sounds of the city were swallowed up by the thick trees surrounding us.  We took Dulce off leash and all enjoyed hiking through the quiet solitude of nature.

Dulce carried her own treats in her backpack :)

She had a blast treeing some squirrels!

"Ever wonder where you'd end up
if you took your dog for a walk and
never once pulled back on the leash?"
~Robert Brault

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