A "Thrilling" Halloween

Happy Halloween!  Halloween is not celebrated by Koreans but it definitely is by all of the Americans at the Air Force base here.  The celebrations were kicked off two weekends ago with our squadron's zombie night at the Officer's Club on base.

A group of the pilots' wives have been secretly getting together for months in order to learn the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller song.  The plan, which we executed perfectly, was to have a Thriller flash mob during the party among our unsuspecting husbands and others in the squadron.

Johnnie videotaped the dance and put together this great video for us:

How did we learn the dance?  We used a great series of videos on YouTube called Learn Thriller Dance by INESSENS.  There are 40 videos in the series, each teaching the different moves used in the dance.  Part 38 of 40 is the entire dance with music in slow motion.  Part 39 of 40 is the entire dance with music at regular speed.

Before the party at the club, the performing wives got together for a zombifying party.  We shredded our thrift-store clothing, put on fake nails and costume makeup, and teased our hair. 

The zombified ladies

T-shirts to commemorate the night

How I pulled off my zombie look:  I spent $9 at the thrift store for pants, jacket, and a shirt which I then shredded with scissors and a seam ripper.  I covered every piece of my hair with hairspray, curled it all into ringlets with a skinny curling iron and then teased it.  I used light gray costume makeup on my face and neck, black lipstick, black eyeliner, mascara, and black eyeshadow all around my eyes.  I also used the black eyeshadow below my cheekbones and for a hollowed-out look.

I had a some Photoshop fun with some of the wives' photos to create some zombie portraits.  Here are the "before and afters":

The party was a thrilling good time!

"Eat, drink, and be scary."
~Author Unknown

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