Family Friday: June 14

40 Weeks old

Cameron has been using her Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker for just over a week now.  She uses it on her own a lot every day.  She is getting very good at pulling herself up on it and walking around with it.

This week she started to balance on her own while standing!  She will suddenly let go of whatever she is holding onto and put her hands in the air.  She is very proud of herself for learning this new skill.  All she has to do now is take some steps while balancing.  She is going to be walking very soon!

Cameron also finally decided to hold her own bottle this week.  It's not that she couldn't before, it's that she didn't want to.  She was too busy touching everything around her while she drank.  She will feed herself a couple of her bottles each day but she still prefers us to hold some for her.

Some of Cameron's favorite toys aren't even toys at all.  It is the little things like this that I want to remember years from now so I have to document it.  Here are Cameron's favorite "non-toys":

  1. Mini frying pan - this is a real pan.  She loves putting her mouth on the metal and scraping her fingers on the ridges on the bottom.
  2. Small metal bowl - it's shiny and round... fascinating :)
  3. Plastic scoop from baby formula - it has a tiny hole in it so she blows into it and sucks on it.
  4. Bamboo cooking utensils - she likes gumming the end of the handles.
  5. Plastic Easter eggs - left over from Easter.  She loves sucking on them, whole or in pieces.
  6. Round plastic cookie cutter - she likes scraping it against her tongue.
  7. Gatorade shaker - bottle washed, dried, dry rice added, and the cap superglued back on.

We used to always sit on the back porch for a while every day but Cameron wants to crawl and she goes straight for the grass and dirt every time.  Our back yard grass is very rough and the soil is actually contaminated (yikes, right?!) so I don't want her crawling around in the yard.  This week we switched our outside time to the driveway in the front of the house.  There is some shade all day, a lot more space for Cameron to explore, and no exposed soil.

Cameron does not like the feeling of cement under her knees so when she crawls off of the blanket, she crawls on her hands and feet.  It's a good sensory experience for her :)

This week Cameron and I went to a Change of Command ceremony for Johnnie's squadron.  This is a ceremony where the outgoing commander officially hands over command of the squadron to the incoming commander.  Ceremonies like this are always neat to watch, although the speeches can get a little long.  Cameron added her thoughts (loudly) a few times :)

Johnnie was the lone guy standing in front of a large group formation.  He was the one in charge shouting orders for the group to follow.  I never knew he could project his voice like that!  I rarely get to see him working... I'm always impressed with his skills when I do :)

We checked out some of the heavy equipment after the ceremony.  Cameron wasn't very impressed.

And in case you were wondering... still no teeth :)

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."
~Charles R. Swindoll


  1. So sweet! I adore how her accomplishments and her "proud smile" No to long,until she will be walking for sure. So wonderful to see the pics of Johnnie at work. Thank you so much.

  2. I predict from her choice of "toys" that she will grow up to be a chef!

    1. LOL! I hadn't thought of that but it looks that way doesn't it? I do hope that she'll be my partner in the kitchen some day :)

  3. Hi Angela - Your daughter is so adorable. I love reading about her weekly developments! I have a 5 month old son, and recently I've noticed my wrists having quite a bit of pain... I remember you posted about your new mom wrist injury a while ago... I'm wondering how it's healed for you while wearing your brace, and if you've had to do anything else to treat it. Thanks... ~Kelly

    1. Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy the blog :) I'm sorry to hear that you are starting to get wrist pain! It's awful to have isn't it? My wrist is much better but not still not healed. I get the most pain now while I'm doing things like put my hair in a ponytail. It's nothing close to the level of pain that it used to be and it is improving so I'm going to continue resting it and avoid any further treatment for the time being.

      The wrist brace did help. I found it awkward to wear during the day so instead I wore it while sleeping which kept it relaxed and straight all night. I also changed the way I grip and hold things to avoid the "L" shaped hand which is the culprit of "mommy wrist". For example, when pushing a stroller I put my thumb on top of the bar instead of around it. When I pick up Cameron, I keep my thumb against my hand and put my wrist under her armpit. Or if she's laying down, I put my hand flat under her bottom to help lift her.

      Hopefully if you change your grip on things now, your wrists won't get any worse. You could also get a wrist brace from your doctor or buy one yourself at Walmart or a drug store. Good luck!

    2. Hi there :)

      Thanks so much for replying so extensively -- this is all very helpful info! I'm glad to hear that it's getting better for you - I'm sure that's such a relief! (And it gives me hope that things will get better for me, too!). The L-shape avoidance is really good advice, hard to adjust to, but definitely helps. I just got a splint the other day and started wearing it at night, so hopefully that will start to make things better as well.

      Thanks again... keep the updates coming - I love watching Cameron grow! :)