Family Friday: May 31

38 Weeks Old

A crying photo this week?  Yup!  This is Miss I'm-pouting-because-I-want-to-climb-instead-of-laying-here-for-photos.  This was tantrum crying which is the kind that stops the exact instant she gets what she wants.  There were no actual tears and she stopped the instant I didn't prevent her from rolling over.  We still have 14 weeks left in this photo project (only 14 weeks until she's a year old?!) and I hope that most of them will be smiles!  This crying photo will add some character to the photo book I'm going to put together when the project is finished.  I think I'll always look back on this one and smile :)

Once I let her roll over, she was off and climbing on everything in the room that she could.  Just look at those chunky little baby legs! :)

Cameron is a week shy of being nine months old and still doesn't have any teeth!  There were a few times in the past couple months when those bottom teeth were on the verge of breaking through and then they suddenly regressed.  This week is also one of those times.  Just like before, I can see the lines and feel the sharp edges... maybe they will finally break through this time?  Time will tell.  Because of this, she's been fussier than usual lately and she is even being.... cuddly!  Cameron is not a cuddly baby.  She does not like to be held and cuddled except when she is really tired.  I am treasuring the cuddling time I'm getting with her this week :)

Cameron has made huge progress in movement again this week.  She can now easily pull herself up anywhere she pleases, even on a flat wall or cabinet with nothing to grab onto.  She can walk sideways holding while onto something.  She can crawl forwards, backwards, and turn in a complete circle on her belly.  She finally learned how to get into a sitting position on her own.  While she is standing, she often bends down just to see if she can touch the floor and then stand back up.  Sometimes she'll drop something just to see if she can pick it up and return to standing as well.

Cameron stood up in her crib for the first time this week... time to lower the crib mattress.

Now that she can sit, kneel, and stand next to her toy basket, Cameron now loves to pull everything out of it.  I'm glad that it all stays contained in her fenced play area.  When she's in the living room, she pulls everything out of Dulce's toy basket.  I let her have fun with it because it's good for Dulce to practice her "put the toys away" trick afterwards :)

I have two new videos of Cameron and Dulce this week!  In this first video, Cameron is gumming (no teeth yet) a thick slice of zucchini.  She offers it to Dulce many times who won't take it.  However once Cameron drops the zucchini, it becomes fair game for Dulce to have and she gobbles it up.  We trained Dulce not to take treats out of someone's hand until they say "okay", which she is pretty good about doing.  It's nice to see that training transfer to situations like this one with Cameron!

In this next video, there are two short clips.  In the first, Dulce blocks Cameron from crawling onto my lap... twice!  In the second, Dulce blocks Cameron from crawling into her dog bed.

"The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic."
~Henry Ward Beecher

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