Family Friday: 9 Months Old

39 Weeks (9 Months) Old

Cameron will be 9 months old tomorrow!!  Seriously, how is she growing up so fast?  She now weighs about 19 pounds (officially passing up Dulce) and is wearing size 6-9 month clothing.  We are finishing up our size 2 diapers and moving on size 3 after that.  She still doesn't have any teeth.

Cameron is crawling on all fours like a champ, can pull up to standing on anything, and walk along things while holding on.  She's even starting to let go of one thing to reach for another.  It won't be long before she'll be walking around!

Just this week we bought Cameron a Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker.  All of the buttons and moving parts on the front of the walker fascinate her, even with the sounds and lights turned off.  She can actually walk while pushing and holding on to the walker.

She is starting to throw tantrums now when she doesn't get what she wants.  If I move something she is trying to get or if I take something away from her, she starts screaming.  Sometimes there is even some arm and leg flailing if she is really upset.  Today she started screaming when I closed the laundry room door... she was at least six feet from it but apparently planned to go through it.  How dare I close it! :)

She loves to look out the windows... sometimes with Dulce and sometimes at Dulce :)

Cameron loves to eat and I still make all of her baby food.  I make fruit and veggie purees with our Beaba Babycook.  Other things I cook for us and save some to coarsely blend for her such as oatmeal, rice, quinoa, ground turkey, or fish.  Her solid meals consist of either a fruit puree mixed with oatmeal, or a veggie puree mixed with rice, quinoa, meat, or fish.  She eats very thick and chunky blended food now.

Cameron still likes to feed herself.  I put food on a spoon and hold onto the end, and she grabs it and puts it in her mouth, letting go when she's finished.  Although she is great with a spoon, she will not eat small pieces of food with her fingers yet.  I recently got her some Baby Mum-Mums which are large rice biscuits that quickly dissolve and she does love eating those.

Cameron has grown a lot physically up to this point but that is nothing compared to how fast she is growing mentally now!  It is so fun watching her develop a mind of her own and formulate new thought processes about how the world works.

"The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention
is to sit down and look comfortable."
~Lane Olinghouse

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  1. The highlights of my weekend is to see pictures of the adorable baby; her smiles are like sunshine on a cloudy day and reading what new "treasured moments" you are sharing with us it totally makes my day. Knowing how active she is, it is highly appreciated the effort you put into this every weekend.