Family Friday: June 21

41 Weeks Old

This is the first time that a Family Friday post has been more than a day late!  We flew to Seattle last week and we've been so busy that I'm only getting short bursts of time on the computer.  This week's photo needed a lot of Photoshopping which took extra time.  The lighting in the house was great for the photo but there was no way to get my leg out of the way while I stood directly over her.  I was able to "erase" my leg with some Photoshop magic but that was way more work than I wanted to do.  We will be back in Hawaii this coming weekend so I will be waiting to take this coming Friday's photo at home so Family Friday will be a few days late again this week.

Cameron was teething multiple times in the few months but each time the teeth were visible and about to break through, they regressed.  This week her two bottom teeth finally broke through!  She actually handled it really well.  She had a few random screaming fits that didn't last long and she never got a fever.  It's pretty funny to watch her constantly run her tongue over her new teeth with a perplexed look on her face :)

She is not walking yet but she is getting more brave.  She loves to stand and pulls herself up on everything constantly.  This week she even pulled herself up on Dulce and then stood there pulling her ears.  Dulce never moved or flinched as Cameron grabbed handfuls of fur and she even seemed to enjoy the ear pulling :)  Dulce is such an amazing dog around children but I recently had a realization of a downside to this.  Dulce is very patient and gentle, tolerating whatever Cameron does to her (I always supervise them together just in case).  Because of this, Cameron might be assuming that all animals are like this and not know appropriate boundaries.  This may prove to be a difficult thing to teach her.

On Wednesday evening we left Hawaii on an overnight flight to Seattle to visit Johnnie's family.  This was a 5½ hour flight so we got Cameron her own ticket so that we could leave in her in carseat to sleep.  While we were waiting at the gate to board our flight, Johnnie got called to the counter to find that we all got upgraded to first class for free because of his Platinum Elite SkyMiles status!  How awesome was that?!  We love flying Delta :)

Nine months old and already flying first class... she has me beat by 30+ years!

Night flights are the way to go with an active baby!  She fussed for a short while we taxied but as soon as the plane lifted off the ground, she went out like a light and slept almost the entire flight.  We landed in Seattle at 6am which was 3am Hawaii time.  It's only a three hour time change so it only took a couple days to adjust.

We scheduled this visit to Seattle to coincide with the Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Half Marathon that Johnnie and I both ran!  This was my 5th half marathon and Johnnie's 2nd.  My running buddy came up from Texas to run with me and we all had an great time.  The race course was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  I will try to get a post about the race up this week.

Johnnie and I left Cameron with his parents and spent two nights at the gorgeous Edgewater Hotel in downtown Seattle.  We had an amazing waterfront room with a balcony and it was within walking distance of the race.  It was a romantic little getaway in this beautiful city :)

"You can learn many things from children.
How much patience you have, for instance."
~Franklin P. Jones

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  1. I love the Edgewater - when I lived in Seattle they used to sell that "you can fish off your balcany". When I lived in Alaska we stayed there and it was great.