Hail and Farewell

This weekend we attended a military social event called a Hail and Farewell.  It's a party at which new arrivals are hailed (welcomed and introduced) and the soon-to-depart are farewelled (thanked and said goodbye to).  This Hail and Farewell was bigger and more elaborate than most we've been to because some high-ranking individuals were involved.  It was held in the banquet hall of a large hotel in town and there were over 100 people there.  It was a fun night out and a chance to dress up a little!

Johnnie was one of the MC's of the night!  He and another officer took turns talking about the people being farewelled.  Johnnie is great at speaking in front of crowds!

They had a slide show of funny things to go along with their dialogue :)

The Korean Air Force Band provided the music.  They started out with slow older songs but during dinner they started rocking out!  They did a great instrumental rendition of Higher Ground featuring the bass player.  A female vocalist sang a couple songs that she must have thought were popular American songs because she yelled "Sing along!" but no one knew the words.

There were buffets set up with a fairly large selection of Korean food.

A Korean meal isn't complete without kimchi!

I love these!  They are rice cake balls (tteok) with a sweet bean paste in the center, rolled in various toppings such as green tea and seasame seeds.

After the party we headed to a club where a friend was DJing.  Fun times :)

"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes.  A farewell
is necessary before you can meet again.  
And meeting again, after moments or lifetime,
is certain for those who are friends."
~Richard Bach

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