Rice Cookers

Rice, along with kimchi, is a staple in most meals eaten by Koreans.  One of the easiest ways to cook rice is in a rice cooker.  We have a small rice cooker that Johnnie bought the last time he lived here in Korea.  It's a simple appliance that you plug in, add water and rice, and turn on.  It tends to splatter water and steam from the edges of the glass lid resting on top but it does make perfect rice every time.

While we were in Home Plus (a Korean Wal-Mart type store), we decided to look at the rice cookers thinking that maybe it was time to upgrade to a slightly larger and nicer version.  There were rows upon rows of rice cookers available in all different colors, sizes, and styles.  The prices shocked us the most!  There were no "cheap" rice cookers and some of the most expensive ones were in the $400 range.  Really?  $400 for a rice cooker?!  At that price, it better do a lot more than simply cook rice!

These rice cookers are equivalent to $247.00 and $302.00

These rice cookers are equivalent to $385.00 and $440.00

Ultimately, we decided against purchasing a new one simply because the buttons and instructions were all written in Hangul and looked too complicated to figure out.  Our simple little rice cooker is just fine for now :)

"Always start out with a larger pot
than what you think you'll need."
~Julia Child

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