Work It!

The fitness center in our apartment complex is open!  The fitness center was one of the reasons I was looking forward to living in this apartment but when we moved in, it wasn't open yet.  The room was there and everything was in it, but it was always locked and management kept saying it would open "next month."  I am beyond excited that the center is finally open!  It is located off of the parking garage below our building which means I don't even have to go outside to get there!  I know that the convenience of this is going to spoil me for life :)

The center is bright with lots of windows and big enough to be comfortable with plenty of space for working out.  There is a nice variety of equipment for cardio and weight training.  The equipment is all brand new, very comfortable and easy to use, and all in English!  As a bonus, each treadmill and elliptical has its own little TV attached to it with a remote control.  It will be hard not to spend all my extra free time here :)

Treadmills and bikes

The machines are all in English :)


Platforms for ab work and the ab twisty circle thing :)

Weight machines

Free weights

And the most entertaining equipment in the center - vibrating belt machines!  Weren't these popular in the 1950's?  I'm not sure they actually do anything for your fitness level but they are fun to watch people use!

"Fitness - if it came in a bottle,
everybody would have a great body."

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