Portable Elevators

High-rise apartment buildings are everywhere here.  Not only in the larger cities, as would be expected, but also in the small "country" towns like the one we live in.  From the latest census information that I can find on the internet, well over 50% of Korea's population live in apartments.  Many apartment complexes here have private security, great amenities, and are in close proximity to public transportation, work, and shopping.   It's no wonder that the majority of Koreans would prefer to live in one versus a house.

With so many people living in apartments, someone is always moving in or out.  Moving companies show up with 2 to 4 men and 2 vehicles: the truck for personal belongings and the truck with the portable elevator.  The portable elevators are mesmerizing to watch.  Things are loaded onto a platform and moved quickly up and down the lift, through the sliding glass windows of the apartments.  It's such an efficient way to get the job done!

"Necessity is the mother of all invention."

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