Chungju Lake

Our final activity on our day trip was a boat ride on Chungju Lake.  Chungju Lake is a man made lake that was created by a dam completed in 1985.  The dam generates 844 million kilowatts of electricity each year.  Chungju Lake claims to be the "largest and cleanest reservoir" in Korea.  I agree that it is very large but this is Korea which honestly, is a dirty country.  Luckily the views surrounding us were pretty enough to overpower the garbage floating in the water.

Our bus dropped us off at the dock and drove off and met up with us later near the dam of the reservoir where we got off the boat.  The boat ride lasted over two hours which was a little long, but it really was a beautiful trip!  It was one of those times where you're so enthralled with the scenery, the wind blowing through your hair, and friends by your side that you almost forget that you're in a foreign country 7,000 miles from "home".  This was a long and action-packed day trip that was well worth the experience!

We stopped once at a rest stop on the trip back to base.  Here there was a vendor in the parking lot selling music CD's and playing music loud enough for everyone to hear.  A group of Korean senior citizens got off of their bus to stretch their legs and started dancing to the music!  They were smiling and having a great time until they were herded back onto their bus to leave.

I'm sure you're thinking "Did you get video?!"  Of course I did!  This was too cute not to share :)

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  1. I love the dancing Koreans....they made the end of the day even more fun :)