Softball Tournament

If Johnnie hadn't become a pilot, I'm sure he would've been a baseball player and if we have children someday, you can bet they'll be swinging a bat from an early age.  Military bases always seem to have a softball league in the summer and Johnnie always joins when he can.

This weekend there was a softball tournament on our base.  This was a two-day event with many Army and Air Force teams from the different U.S. military bases here in Korea coming together to play against each other.  They played from morning until night and even in the rain at times.  Dulce and I went to watch a few of the games to cheer on our favorite player :)

There are two turf covered softball fields on our base.

Our favorite player at bat :)

Johnnie was the pitcher for his team in a few games.

And finally, the photo of the day... I thought I simply took a photo of a player's shoe on third base.  Little did I know that the shoe of this tough, tattooed military guy was sporting a Hello Kitty charm!   Yeah... maybe he's not as tough as he looked :)

"Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off...
the right pitch will come, and when it does, be prepared to run the bases."
~Rick Maksian


  1. Great photos, it looks like the dog wants to play ball too.

  2. Thank you! Our dog was eyeing up that ball being thrown around :)