Scenes From a Nightclub Window

On Saturday, Johnnie and I had dinner with a group of friends at an amazing local Italian restaurant and then we all hit the Shinjang.  We ended up in a small nightclub that was full of other people we knew.  This bar was on the second floor and had one huge window across the front that folded open.  The view, the open air, and the plush purple velvet chairs made this one of my new favorite places :)

Inside the bar, there were good times with good friends...

and funny moments with Shrilling Chickens and drunken monkeys :)

Outside on the street below, people carried on with their evenings.  I used my point-and-shoot camera to capture some of what we saw.  The low light and moving subjects create a blurry effect that I personally love.  This was a perfect spot for people watching.  I find it interesting to wonder where these people are going, what they're thinking, or what kind of life they have.

"You can observe a lot by just watching."
~Yogi Berra


  1. Love the New York butt! Looks like lots of smokers in Korea.

  2. There actually are a lot of smokers here, as evidenced by the amount of cigarette butts you'll see laying around everywhere here. Interesting fact: Korean cigarettes all look like American "slim" cigarettes as they are very thin.