Construction Fabric

Green, pink, and black striped fabric is a common sight here on road work and construction sites.  It's not an ordinary fabric.  It looks like bits and pieces of fuzz and string pressed together and held in place by loosely woven thread.  It's surprisingly durable for temporary use.  I've never seen (or at least never noticed) fabric being used this way in any other place that I've been to.

Construction fabric is always used to cover exposed areas of dirt when sidewalks and roads are being worked on.  Kudos to you, Korea, for such a great idea!  Without the fabric, these exposed areas would become puddles of mud but the fabric absorbs the water and allows you to walk across it without dirtying your shoes.

Construction fabric is also used to create temporary "walls" around construction sites and on new buildings.  This keeps people out of the site and protects them from any falling debris.

After a while, whether the fabric is on the ground or hanging up, it starts to disintegrate.

"The road to success is always under construction."
~Lily Tomlin

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