America's Oldest Gas Station

Being born and raised in western Pennsylvania, I thought I knew about all of the points of interest in the area.  I had no idea until recently that the oldest gas station in the United States was tucked away in the nearby city of Altoona!  My mother and I were in Altoona shopping and stopped to visit this little piece of automotive history.

I only took a couple of photos before the men working invited me into the main building.  They were kind enough to tell me all about the station.  They pointed out some historical features of the office and gave me an informational brochure and some souvenir wooden nickels.  They also gave my mother and I a peek inside the garage building which was originally a carriage house and a stable for horses.  The men were incredibly friendly and helpful; a true asset to the business.

From the brochure:
Reighard's was originally a blacksmith shop... leased to a blacksmith named George H. Hinkle.  In 1908 Henry Ford introduced the Model T.  In 1909 George H. Hinkle began selling gasoline and has been selling gasoline ever since... making Reighard's the oldest gas station in continuous operation in America.  In 1931, George D. Reighard purchased the property.  It remains a thriving business.  It really has been "Full service since 1909".  Reighard's has been proudly owned and operated by Martin Oil Company since 1978.

Reighard's Gas Station is located at 3205 Sixth Avenue, Altoona, PA.

An undated photo of the gas station displayed inside the main building.

The station has changed a little over the years but has stayed true to the original.

This is a full service gas station.  You pull your car up to a pump and the workers will pump your gas and clean your windows.  They'll even check your fluids if you'd like them to.

There is a room inside the main building with the original floors.

Old photographs of the gas station displayed inside the main building.

The garage building was originally a stable for horses.  It still has the original doors.

As if the tour and information weren't enough, I walked out of the main building to find an all original 1941 Studebaker parked at a gas pump.  The owner, a sociable man named John, let me photograph his car and then took me for a ride around the block!  This serendipitous event was the cherry on top of our visit to the oldest gas station in America :)

"There is joy in work.  There is no happiness except in
the realization that we have accomplished something."
~Henry Ford

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