Just Like Davy Crockett

Hunting is just another part of life here in western Pennsylvania.  I know plenty of people who would be sickened or offended by things that I became accustomed to growing up here.  An animal mount (or two or ten) displayed on a wall... What, you don't have any at your house?  A carcass hanging in the garage after a day of deer season... Cool!  Will that be made into jerky, hamburger, or steaks?  I've never actually gone hunting myself but my father and three brothers are avid hunters.  We were raised on deer meat and one of my brothers even became a taxidermist.  Hunting is the norm here.  It's a passion and enjoyable pastime for those who do it, whether for sport or for food.

Today there was a raccoon hide laying on the kitchen counter.  That's right, the skin and fur of a dead raccoon.  Don't worry, it has been completely cleaned and tanned (made into leather) so there's no harm or danger in touching it... or wearing it :)

The hide was never cut down the center so it makes a great hand puppet!

It's only the skin and fur, all of the organs and bones have been removed.

A look at the leather under the fur.  The leather and fur are both really soft!

The raccoon's tail

It makes a great scarf...

...or a great hat :)  Just like Davy Crockett!

"Vegetarian - that's an old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter."
~Andy Rooney

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