Leaving on a Jet Plane

Being in the military is always uncertain and always changing.  Such is our life... never a dull moment!  My bags are packed for a trip back to the States to visit family, attend a couple weddings, and run a half marathon.  Originally the trip was going to be permanent, then it was going to be only 2 months leaving Dulce with family when I came back here, then it changed to a month and a half and bringing Dulce back to Korea with me, and then it changed to leaving Dulce here in Korea with Johnnie.  My flight leaves this afternoon and I think we finally have it figured out:  I'll be leaving Dulce here in Korea and I'll only be gone for one month.

I've been living in Korea for seven months now.  I finally feel comfortable here, can speak a little Korean, and can find my way around.  Some strange things have now become normal such as seeing things priced in the thousands, knowing that tipping is not customary or expected, that phone numbers have 11 digits, and that at 5'1" I'm average height here.  I'm excited to go back to the States but I'm curious to see how it will feel to be there.  There's nothing like being away from familiar things to make you realize what you've overlooked, taken for granted, or what has changed.

The first stop on my trip is western Pennsylvania where I grew up.  Living in many other states made me realize that there is a strong western PA accent, that it is a beautiful place if nothing else, that Sheetz is the greatest convenience store ever, and that my nieces and nephews are growing up too fast :)  Now that I've lived in another country, I wonder what things will stick out to me the most about America in general?

Let the adventure begin!

"So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me...
...Oh babe, I hate to go."
~John Denver

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