Arts & Crafts Festival

Fall is my favorite season and it is now that time of year in western Pennsylvania.  The air is cooler, the leaves are just starting to change, the kids are back in school, and there are festivals and fairs on the weekends to enjoy.  Every year at this time there is a large arts and crafts festival in the village where I grew up.  I remember going to it every year when I was young so it was special to revisit it this year with my parents.  It seemed that not much had changed in the past 20 years... the familiarity of that was oddly comforting :)

One of the few things I bought at the festival was clamshell tarts from Campbell's Natural Soy Candles.  They make tarts, candles, lotions, body mist, and home refreshers.  Everything they had smelled so amazingly rich and realistic!  They don't have a website yet but their phone number is 814-839-0129.

I love this sign made by Sharon Shaulis (814-629-9817) but it wouldn't fit in my suitcase :)

There were lots of leather crafts available.  The butterfly hair accessories pictured below are made by Dennis Doaty -

Rannels Rustics had some fun carved furniture and signs -

Lots of festival food!

There were homemade cinnamon rolls being baked in the hall kitchen that smelled incredible but they ran out before we could buy any :(

There were live bands and musicians playing all day.

There was face painting and clowns to entertain kids.

Fun even for grown-up kids!

"The only way to change our lives
is by changing our minds."
~Ross Cooper

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