I wasn't planning on working while we lived here, but an opportunity came up that seems like a fun way to pass some time and get more out of my experience here.  If you didn't already know, I was am a teacher.  I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Education and in the past 10 years I have taught Pre-K, grades 3, 4, and 5, K-8 computers, and worked two years at a university as a technology specialist.  At this point, being a teacher is a part of me that will never change even if I'm not working in a school.

A friend of mine is working at a Korean school here and roped me in with all the good things she had to say about it.  The school's purpose is to teach English to Korean children.  The school is only 1 mile from my apartment, I only work 4 hours a day in the afternoon, the classes are very small, and it will be good spending money (hellooo new camera lens!) so how could I turn that down?  I started teaching there this week and I'm actually enjoying myself.  Of course, all of my teaching experience certainly helps makes this an easy job.  This is unlike any school I've ever taught at - it's relaxed, personal, and fun.  I'm not Mrs. Green, I'm Angela-Teachah.  That says it all right there :)

I teach 3 classes of different students a day.  The students are grouped by English speaking ability, not by age.  My lowest class can speak, read, and write some English.  They are very quiet students, unsure of their English and afraid of making mistakes.  It's not easy getting some of them to actually talk.  On the other end of the spectrum is my highest class who is capable of writing entire reports in English and carrying on basic conversations.  They are much more confident and responsive and so much fun to teach!

Teaching English to these students makes me very aware of how I pronounce things.  I'm certain that this experience will finally force me lose the Southern twang that I've picked up after living in the South for the past six years.  Not that the twang is a bad thing... but I am a born and raised Northerner :)

"If you get the chance, take it.  If it changes your life, let it."
-Author Unknown

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