Here Fishy Fishy...

I watched Sesame Street religiously as a child and there are many skits from the show that I remember to this day.  Funny how little things will jog those memories. For example, my students and I were learning about the letter "L" the other day so I taught them the Bert and Ernie La La La Song that has stuck in my brain all these years.  Another thing that conjures up my Sesame Street memories is fish.  There are plenty of fish stores around town lined with tanks full of various types of live fish and sea creatures.  For some reason every time I go past one of these stores, I think of the Bert and Ernie Fish Call and can't help but chuckle :)

Alas, the poor fish in the tanks at these stores are not for buying as pets, they're to be eaten for dinner.  I love fresh seafood but this is a little too fresh.  When you pick out the fish you want, does the store clerk kill it for you or do you have to do it yourself?  Maybe you can just hope that it doesn't survive the ride home in a plastic bag without water...

"I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead. Not sick or wounded. Dead."
-Woody Allen

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