Pagodas and Tea - part 1 of 4

Yesterday I went with a Korean friend on a day trip to see a Korean Buddhist pagoda.  We had a great time and it was such an interesting day that this will end up being a three or four part blog post series.  

Before going to the pagoda, we stopped for lunch.  Some of the restaurants I've gone with this friend to eat at are places I would likely never find, let alone visit on my own.  This restaurant was no exception - it was outside of a little town and off the main road.  It looked more like a rustic lodge than a restaurant.  There was a small pond behind it and many old odds and ends sitting around outside.  The atmosphere inside was charming and the food was delicious :)

The exterior of the restaurant.

An old western saddle on a wooden horse outside the restaurant.

A unique 'pants' swing outside the restaurant.

The pond behind the restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant had a cozy log-cabin feel.

There was a fire burning.

Many of the chairs were handmade, each of them different.

This handmade carved table said something along the lines of
"Alcohol will get you drunk but so will the beauty of a woman"

Patrons of the restaurant write notes of wishes or needs and tack them to the walls all around the restaurant, some with money.  Once a year or so, the money is collected and given to the needy.

Kimchi, a staple served with every Korean meal.

Yellow pickled radish, also served with every Korean meal.

Being an adventurous eater, I rolled with spicy squid and vegetables.

After lunch we headed to the pagoda... but that will be tomorrow's post :)

"Fortune favors the bold."

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