Water 물

The water here is not good to drink - at least that's what we're told.  It's clear and it has no odor but those things don't necessarily mean that it's clean.  Our Korean friend doesn't even drink the tap water here which I see as a sign not to take any chances.  It's certainly better to be safe than sick.  We do use the tap water to brush teeth, shower, do dishes, and do laundry.  We even use it for cooking if we boil it first but for drinking we (and Dulce) have to use bottled water.  However, I am not complaining one bit because not being able to drink the tap water is the reason we have my favorite kitchen appliance - our hot/cold water dispenser.

We order the large jugs of water and they are delivered to our apartment, often the same day.  The water dispenser heats and cools the water so that at any time you can instantly have very-cold or almost-boiling water.  The instant hot water is amazing for tea, instant coffee, and even instant oatmeal.  Johnnie and I have become daily hot tea drinkers since we've moved here because it's so easy :)

I have seen water dispensers in many stores and businesses here for the employees to use and there is always a collection of tea, coffee, and drink mixes next to it.  The grocery stores here have an amazing selection of teas and instant coffee packets that usually takes up an entire aisle.

Some are a little more unusual than others... Corn Tea anyone?

"There is no trouble so great that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea."
~Bernard-Paul Heroux

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  1. Ew, don't drink the corn tea hot or cold - NASTY! Gotta love the instant hot water, I miss my water cooler/heater.