A Night on the Lanes

Last night was a blast!  The squadron had a get-together at the bowling alley on base to say hello to people who recently arrived, goodbye to those who are soon leaving, and to play a friendly bowling tournament. 

Gotta love bowling shoes :)

It was a sea of green - the official color of the squadron

We were Wives Team B and we were awesome :)  We won against two other teams, progressing to play in the final game of the tournament.  We lost the final game but it was well matched and we had a ton of fun!

"Enjoy the little things. One day you may look
back and realize they were big things."
~Robert Brault


  1. This is soo cool! My husband is going to be joining the AF and I've wondered how my life is going to be like when he's gone, etc and how lonely I'd be. Coming across your blog has been sooo uplifting! :)Seeing that you just got to Korea and have people to talk to, and hang out with is soo cool. I know its going to be tough when he's gone, but its nice to know that there are other girls you can hang out with who are in the same situation as you. Is it usually like that when you move around with your husband? I've heard its kind of like a military wife sorority, is that true? What kind of advice do you have for a soon to be military wife? :) PS- I LOVE your shirts! Soooo cute! :)

  2. Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad to hear that my blog helpful to you! My husband and I have been married for just over 2 years now and together for 3. Before I met him, I had no prior knowledge of what military life was like. Personally, I LOVE it!

    * I love getting assigned to live in different places. Whether you like the place or not, remember that it's only temporary and another move is always on the horizon. Make the best of wherever you are - there is new things to learn and fun to be had anywhere if you have the right attitude.

    * I love that no matter where you move, you have an instant "family" of support. The wives really do stick together - kind of like a sorority :) and it's usually an official club like "spouses club" or "wives club". You will be welcomed wherever you go and will immediately have new friends. The husbands are usually pretty tight as well - they often seem like they're in a big fraternity :) Everyone knows everyone and helps each other out which is great because I know that even if my husband is gone, I could call anyone (husband or wife) in the squadron for help.

    * I love the health care. Free doctor's visits and prescriptions - enough said :)

    * I love military bases. There is a commissary (groceries) and a BX (miniature Walmart-type store) on every base and shopping is tax free. There is always a gym that usually has a lot to offer in terms of equipment, fitness classes, personal trainers, etc. There is also usually a bowling alley, movie theater, restaurants, church, library, community center, thrift store, gas station, etc. There is also usually tons of things offered in terms of various classes, counseling, volunteer opportunities, events, etc.

    * Deployments are not fun BUT at least the Air Force guys aren't gone as long as the other branches of the military. It is hard when your husband is away for that long but that's when the wives really pull together and plan extra things to help the time pass and make sure everyone is okay.

    * There will be some long work days, base exercises, TDY's (temporary shorter deployments), stress, frustrations, a constantly changing schedule, etc. It's hard enough to know when to have dinner ready let alone when to plan trips and vacations!

    * Moving around can be hard. You may be stationed far from family and you will make good friends and then they or you get stationed elsewhere. But chances are, you'll see those friends again somewhere and no matter where you are, family is only a car or plane ride away. A bonus is that the military pays for your moves - the packers, movers, etc :)

    It's all about attitude. There are 2 types of military wives and I've met plenty of both kinds. There are ones who embrace the lifestyle (however uncertain and hard it is at times), make the best of it, and really enjoy being a military wife. Then there are the wives who complain constantly, eventually resenting everything about the military lifestyle, and can't wait for their husband's commitment to be over. The best advice I can give you is to ENJOY IT! No it won't always be easy and yes you will be frustrated at times but the benefits far outweigh the bad and it won't last forever. If you have an open mind and a good attitude, you will have the time of your life being an AF wife! I know that someday we'll look back on these AF years and feel that they were some of the best of our lives.

    Best of luck to you and you husband! I hope your husband's Air Force career is a positive experience for both of you!

  3. OMG! Thank you soo much! Im in tears right now! I was REALLY needing this, you have no idea! Your comforting words came into my life at just the right time. THANK YOU SOO MUCH! Your reply was more than I could ever imagine.

    I've really been struggling lately with accepting the fact that I will not be in control of what goes on with our schedule, where we will be stationed, etc and that scares me, because Im a major planner! lol. I feel though, like I need to just let go and have fun with life! :) My husband and I are both recent college grads, have no kids, no mortgage, no real commitments and like you said, this could be the time of our lives! After reading your reply, Im really excited now about the new journey my husband and I will soon undertake! If I think of any more questions, I will be sure to let you know! :)

    Thanks again,

    Soon to be AF Wife <3

  4. I'm SO glad I could help! Letting go of some control will be difficult but if you have the "accept whatever comes next with an open mind" attitude, life will be good :) I'm very excited for you and your husband and the amazing life you are sure to have! Please don't hesitate to contact me again if you need anything!