Dulce Goes to School

The director of the school I teach at asked me to bring my dog in for the students to see.  Dulce is well trained and socialized so I had no doubt that she would be perfectly fine with a group of children petting and grabbing at her.  A lot of the students have never actually touched a dog or even saw one up close before so they were either thrilled or terrified when they saw her.  It didn't take long for Dulce to win them over!

Dulce loved all of the attention and was very eager to do her tricks.  She must have rolled over, played dead, and shook hands at least 50 times.  I recently taught Dulce how to pick up things that fall on the floor and bring them to me and this was the favorite trick of the students.  All throughout class they took turns dropping their pencil or eraser and Dulce would trot over, pick it up, and bring it to me.  I brought her bed to school and during class time she patiently rested there... waiting for things to drop :)

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself."
~Josh Billings

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