Recycling Day

We collect our recyclables in bags in our apartment and take it out once a week. The apartment complex has very specific hours the residents must adhere to when taking out recyclables.  Management sets up collection bag-bins for the various types of things that can be recycled and we have to separate our stuff accordingly.

Dulce just had to get in the picture - she's behind the bag, not in it :)

As the bags-bins fill up, they are tied and moved off to the side.

There is no bin for cardboard and paper - it simply becomes a large pile.

There are also separate small bins with lids for recycling various types of food scraps.  We honestly don't have enough food scraps to justify opening the lids of those bins and exposing ourselves to the repulsive, nauseating odor of rotting organic material.  Our non-recyclable garbage can be taken out at any time during the week and placed in the dumpster.

"Listen up, you couch potatoes: each recycled beer can saves
enough electricity to run a television for three hours."
-Denis Hayes

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  1. Oh Dulce you look so cute with your head poking out above the recycle bins but please be careful - don't want you going in the recycle bin by accident. Daisey insisted I keep your blog as one of my favorite so she could keep track of another white and sable rattie from Florida ;)