Rolling to Seoul

Riding the subway can be an adventure no matter what country or city you are in.   Yesterday Johnnie and I took the subway to Seoul to pick up our latest purchase - a bicycle!  We only have one vehicle here which Johnnie uses for work so the bicycle is for me to get around on.  We found the bike on Craigslist and traveled to Seoul to buy it from a Canadian guy for a good price.  The subway ride took just over an hour and we had to make a few connections, but it was fairly easy to use. The subway left here traveling above ground and went underground when we got closer to Seoul.

We translated what the guy in this sign is saying: without an exclamation point it means "Oh well" and with an exclamation point it means "Oh, come on!"  I think I'd be saying something a little harsher if that happened to me :)

We saw this advertisement a couple places in the subway - maybe it's for a plastic surgery clinic that can change the shape of your face for you?

In the restroom there were stalls with regular toilets and stalls with these contraptions.  It's called a "squatty potty" and there is actually a technique for using this.  It's not as difficult as you may think.

We arrived in Seoul and met up with the Canadian guy to swap money for the bike.

My new bike folds in half for easy transport or storage!

Apparently I'm going to "be everyone's motto" on my new bike :)

We had lunch before heading back home at another grill-your-own-meat restaurant.

Some of the subway trains had a car with no seats specifically for bicycles.

The town we live in is fairly bike-friendly.  There are a lot of wide sidewalks and bike paths so that I can ride to most places without having to ride on the road - which is a very good thing considering the way Koreans drive :)  Luckily, there is even a bike path that goes directly to the school that I'm teaching at.

"Life is like riding a bicycle - 
in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."
~Albert Einstein

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