Coffee Break

Some friends and I stopped by a great little coffee shop called Eun Chae Coffee the other day.  The outside of the building was cute but the interior was amazing with big pictures windows that overlooked a lake.  We each had a different coffee drink that was served with little cinnamon biscuit cookies.  It was the perfect afternoon coffee break :)

Outside of the coffee shop there was a large area full of kimchi pots.  Kimchi is a traditional Korean food  made from vegetables.  There are many different types and the flavor depends entirely on the type of vegetable and the amount of spice used.  Kimchi is made and then stored in large clay pots for 2 weeks or more until it has fermented.  I actually like some types of kimchi (radish and cucumber) but I think the cabbage kimchi smells and tastes like sweaty gym socks.  Regardless of what it tastes like, the large pots are always a neat sight to see :)

"Science may never come up with a better communication system than the coffee break."
-Earl Wilson

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