Happy Quilt

UPDATE:  Happy Quilt has moved to a new location and has new hours.  Please click here to view the post on the new store.

One of the things I like about the military is that you are never alone.  No matter where you get stationed, you have an instant "family" of friends to show you the ropes, help if you need it, and simply have fun with!  Thankfully, this family is also willing to share their wealth of knowledge about the best shopping, local restaurants, beautiful travel spots, etc.  It makes living in a new place so much easier and life is always more fun when you have friends around to enjoy it with :)

Happy Quilt is a fabric store/warehouse very close to where we live.  It's such an inconspicuous building that if you aren't told about it, you probably wouldn't stumble upon it on your own.  Yesterday a group of friends and I spent some time in this colorful fabric paradise and then had a great lunch at a nearby Korean restaurant.  Happy Quilt has a HUGE selection of fabric that you can buy in packaged precut pieces or in lengths of your choosing and the prices are amazing.  You're likely to find any pattern you're looking for and there are even name brand prints such as Riley Blake and Vera Bradley.  I'm so glad that I brought my sewing supplies to Korea - now I just have to decide what to make!  The only fabric I bought on this trip to Happy Quilt is to send to my mom who is super talented with a sewing machine :)

Stacks of fabric towering above our heads


Shelves of the precut packaged fabric pieces

American university prints

Lots of Vera fabrics - some quilted

You can pick any fabrics you like and have them made into duffles and bags right there in the store.  There were bags around that were for sale and as examples of things that could be made.

"Sew much fabric, sew little time!"
-Author Unknown


  1. I know there are a few Happy Quilt's in Korea, I tried to find the one in Dongdaemun but was unsuccessful. Would you mind sharing where the one you visited is?

  2. I'm glad you found our blog! The Happy Quilt that is nearest to me that I go to has just relocated. I haven't been there since it moved but I know where it is. We live near Pyeongtaek, which is an hour south Seoul. Looking at a Seoul subway map, line #1 along the bottom of the map takes you to this area.

    Happy Quilt has relocated very close to the Jije Station on the #1 subway line. If you arrive by subway, it will take you about 7 minutes to walk to Happy Quilt from the station. The easiest way to tell/show you is to give you the coordinates :) Copy and paste the following coordinates into maps.google.com


  3. I just went to Happy Quilt yesterday and they HAVE NOT moved yet. They were supposed to have relocated to the Jije Station area as of May 1 but they are still in their old location. Unfortunately the old location is not in walking distance from the subway so you either have to drive or take the subway and then catch a taxi.

    Here are the google maps coordinates for Happy Quilt's old location that they are still operating from: 37.046769,127.096233

    I'll update again as soon as I hear for sure when they are moving.

  4. hi angela..just want to know are they open on week end?thanks:)

  5. Happy Quilt is open daily from 10am to 5pm, closed only on Tuesdays. So yes, they are open on the weekend. :)

  6. I just found out that Happy Quilt is now open in their new location! It's bigger store with more natural light and it's more organized.

  7. Angela, can you post where they moved to? I know it's near the station at the E Mart on the way to Pyeongtaek, where is it in relation to the station? I didn't know it moved and was heartbroken when I went today, but thankful that courteous other fabric lovers blogged letting us know where they are!

  8. I plan on going to the new Happy Quilt this week (hopefully tomorrow) to get pictures for a new blog post about their new location. It's really easy to find their new spot!

    If you are driving so that Emart is on your LEFT: As soon as you drive under the two highway overpasses near Emart, there is a narrow 2-lane bridge on your right (at the stoplight) that goes over the train tracks. As soon as you get over the bridge you can see the Happy Quilt building ahead and to the left-ish. There are at least 3 large signs on the blue and gray building that say "HAPPY QUILT"

    If you are driving so that Emart is on your RIGHT: The narrow 2-lane bridge will be on your left (at the stoplight) before you pass under the highway overpasses.

    If you arrive via the Jije Station: Go out the front of the station and turn left. Turn left again to go over the bridge that crosses the train tracks. It should take about 7 minutes to walk from the station to the store.

  9. The new Happy Quilt is open Monday thru Saturday, 9:30AM to 6PM. It is closed on Sundays. I'll have a post about the new location this week!

  10. Hello Angela, I am new to the area and woul like to come shop til I drop this friday. I got the coordinates you provided in a previous blog. But I also wanted to know if you repair sewing machines there.

    1. Happy Quilt is only a fabric store so I highly doubt that they repair sewing machines there, however you could always ask when you get there!