Our Ride Has Arrived

We shipped our vehicle from Seattle at the beginning of January and it arrived in South Korea last week.  Because of Johnnie's work schedule, we had to wait until today to go up to Seoul and pick it up.  We took a bus from our base up to the US Army base in Seoul.  It was a cheap ride on a comfortable charter bus that took about an hour.

The bus - with an interesting tour name...

Passing by the city of Suwon - most of the high-rises are apartment buildings.

These hills turned into mountains the further north we drove.

LG, Costco, and Motorola - all familiar companies

Missing our Harley that we left back in the States...

Driving along and across the Han River

Temporary Korean plates are on and keys are in hand!

It was so comforting to climb into a piece of our old life!  Having our own vehicle here means having the freedom to get around.  No more bumming rides from other people and no more putting groceries in the trunk of a taxi.  Upon leaving the vehicle processing center, our Korean agent told us "First gas, then lunch.  Or first lunch if you really hungry."  We went to lunch first, then filled up the tank, and then drove our very own car back home :)

"Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly."
-Author Unknown

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