Playing Pool

Last night I went with a small group of friends to play pool.  It was actually a brightly lit pool hall, not a smokey bar with pool tables.  Only a handful of the the bright blue tables were being used but it was a Sunday night.

It took a minute for us to realize that something was off.  The pool tables didn't have pockets!  Apparently they were Carom billiard tables which are much more popular in Europe and Asia than in the States.  The employee of the hall tried to teach us how to play.  There are only three balls and you have to make your cue ball hit three sides of the table before hitting your object ball.  Doing that correctly earns you a point and score is kept to determine the winner.

Luckily, the one single "regular" pool table in the hall opened up.  We weren't really getting the hang of the 3-ball game anyway so we gladly switched tables and played a few good-hearted games.

We were offered free juices... I rolled with the pineapple.

"Winning is overrated.  The only time it's really important is in surgery and war."
-Al McGuire

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