Our apartment has nice (but fake) hardwood floors throughout, radiant floor heating under the fake hardwood, and no air circulation.  This combination results in dust and dog hair settling everywhere, turning into hairy dust bunnies daily.  We have a microfiber duster broom and an awesome little handheld Dyson vacuum, but to cut down on necessary daily use of these two things, we bought a robot - an iRobot Roomba Pet Series vacuuming robot.  Now that we actually have our things unpacked and put away, we unleashed our new "pet" today.  We let him run around for about 10 minutes and during that time he picked up a surprising amount of pet hair and dust from today's unswept floor.  He maneuvered skillfully around the legs of the coffee table, gently pushed under the window blinds, changed directions every time he hit something solid, and returned to his docking station when he was done.  He was pure entertainment for us to watch and something new for Dulce to keep an eye on.  Time will tell how good of a job he'll do keeping our floor clean :)

"Housework is something you do that nobody notices until you don't do it."
-Author Unknown

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