A Walk Outside

Our apartment is in one of the many high-rise buildings within a gated complex that is a 1/2 mile in circumference.  Dulce and I took a walk around to check out what the complex has to offer.

There is a small soccer field with artificial turf.  This is very popular with the older kids that live here.

There are multiple playgrounds with swings and play equipment.

There is a single golf green which I'm sure won't take long to master :)  There is a fitness center behind the windowed walls beside the green.

There is a badminton court and some outdoor exercise equipment.

Just outside the gate, there is more random exercise equipment.  We saw this in a park in Seoul as well and people appear to use it often.  A lot of people here ride bicycles or walk to get where they're going.  It seems that fitness is more of a lifestyle normality here than it is in the States.  I have seen very few overweight Koreans since I've been here which makes America seem, in general, like a very fat country.

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise saves and preserves it."  -Plato

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