Helloooo Korea!

We made it!  Dulce and I are thrilled to finally be reunited with Johnnie in South Korea!  The 12 hour flight across the ocean was smooth and comfortable with multiple meals, snacks, free movies and games to keep me occupied.  Dulce had to fly in the cargo area but we got her a large comfortable crate and she seemed happy with no ill effects after landing.  Following the sun westward, I ended up seeing 18 straight hours of sunshine - what a great way to start this adventure :)

Collecting Dulce, my bags, and getting through Customs was surprisingly quick and painless with multiple airport employees eager to help me.  I opened Dulce's crate while we were waiting and she became an instant hit with many people stopping to pet her and take pictures.  Seeing Johnnie again was definitely the best part of the trip!  He came to pick us up with a bouquet of my favorite flowers (Gerbera Daisies) and had reservations for us at an amazing hotel nearby in Seoul.

The hotel was pet friendly and had things set up for Dulce.  There was a dog bed, dishes, food, treats, and toys.  She liked the bed but I think she missed Johnnie as much as I did and preferred to curl up on his legs instead.  It was wonderful having the three of us back together again :)

This sign was outside the hotel - reminding me that I am now living in the "land of the not quite right".  I am going to love finding gems like this to take pictures of :)

After a good night's sleep, we drove to our new home.  I love the apartment and I'm so glad to be done living out of suitcases.  I'll do a post on our new place with pictures soon.  Johnnie showed me around town and we did some shopping on base for a few new-house necessities.  In the midst of Korean signs, shops, and restaurants, there are some familiar things to be seen :)

We ended the day with dinner at the Bulgogi House.  In this restaurant, you had to take off your shoes and leave them on shelves in the entryway.  We sat on mats on the floor at tables that were very close to the ground.  A grill was placed in the center of our table and the waitress cooked the meat (pork) right in front of us.  A plethora of small side dishes, sauces, and drinks covered the rest of our table.  

My first 24 hours in Korea were a little overwhelming but so much fun!  There is so much to see that I'm relieved to have an entire year to enjoy it and take it all in!  I'm very excited to have our blog to show all of our family and friends what we are doing and seeing over here.  This year is going to be amazing adventure of photographs, food, language, culture, travel, and more  :)

"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste adventure to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences."  -Eleanor Roosevelt

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